4 Tips For A Younger Looking Smile

THERE ARE COUNTLESS methods we use to try and turn back the clock on our appearance. Whether it’s hip wardrobes and hairstyles or costly cosmetic surgeries, people go to great lengths to recapture the look and feeling of their youth.

Despite all of these anti-aging fads and gimmicks, studies show your smile can do more to make you look younger than anything else!

Good Oral Hygiene Keeps Your Smile Looking Younger, Longer

The simplest thing you can do to keep Father Time at bay is to practice good oral hygiene habits. Brushing twice a day and flossing regularly promotes healthy teeth and gums and keeps your smile looking and feeling clean. If we ignore these simple habits, we put our smiles at risk of harmful bacteria which can lead to unsightly effects such as:

  • Cavities,
  • Tooth discoloration or tooth loss,
  • And periodontal disease.

Maintaining good oral health throughout your life doesn’t just preserve the appearance of your smile, but it can preserve your overall health too. Bleeding gums caused by periodontal disease can allow bacteria from your mouth to enter your bloodstream and affect other parts of the body. Research suggests gum disease can increase our risk for serious health problems, including…

  • Diabetes
  • Endocarditis and cardiovascular disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Strokes
  • Alzheimer’s Disease

For a few tips on how to floss properly to fight off that harmful bacteria, check out the video below!

Brighten Your Smile With Professional Tooth Whitening

Even when you take good care of your teeth, over time they naturally yellow. Micro-fractures, thinning enamel, and built-up stains all make your teeth look duller and older. But, that can be changed with tooth whitening!

There are several tooth whitening solutions, each with their own unique benefits. From over the counter whitening strips to in-office whitening treatments, we can help you decide which whitening solution is best for your smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Give You The Look You Want

Whether you need just few touch-ups or would like an amazing dental makeover, cosmetic dentistry can provide exactly the look you want. Cosmetic dentistry has both therapeutic and aesthetic benefits. Treatment can repair your teeth and correct your bite, and at the same time give you the gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted!

Be Confident In Your Smile

One of the best ways to appear more youthful is to smile more! This can start a wonderful cycle too! Smiling more can actually make you happier, and make you want to smile more.

We love our patients and love seeing your bright shining smiles each day. If you have any questions about how we can give you a healthier, more beautiful smile, give us a call and set an appointment to visit our practice or let us know in the comments below!

Thank you for brightening our day.

Do you see notches in your mouth?

Do you see notches similar to these in your mouth? You might have abrasion.
People often confuse this with gum recession, and sometimes gum recession accompanies root abrasion, but not always.
What is abrasion?
Abrasion is the loss of tooth structure by mechanical forces from a foreign element.  Tooth structure is composed of crown and root. The root portion (dentin) is weaker than the crown portion (enamel). Enamel is the strongest bone in the body while dentin is relatively soft.  Using a stiff toothbrush and/or abrasive toothpaste can cause structural  damage to your root surface.  This resulting damage is called abrasion.
Several factors can cause abrasion, but these are the top three:
1. tooth brush
A soft tooth brush is better for your teeth and gums than a hard one.  Some people feel the need to “scrub” their teeth, but keep in mind that we are cleaning live teeth, not  tires. We recommend using an extra soft toothbrush with a very thin bristle and gently cleaning your teeth and gums with a circular motion.
 2. tooth paste
 Every tooth paste contains either silica or silicon dioxide to make the teeth smooth. However if there is to much in the paste, it can abrade your  tooth structure.  The RDH number on the package represents the abrasive level.  We recommend below 70.
Please check your tooth paste RDA number below.
3. pH
 pH is the level of acidity. Below pH 7 represents acidic and above pH 7 represents alkalic. We recommend a pH higher than  7 in the mouth for 2 reasons:
1) When our mouth is acidic, tooth structure becomes weak because calcium and phosphate leach from the tooth.
2)  Bacteria likes an acidic environment. This is one of the reasons dental professionals discourage drinking soda and energy drinks.
Abrasion can also be cause by the forces of your bite, however this is a less frequent cause.
If you have tooth sensitivity, please come and get it checked out as soon as possible. If you have esthetic concerns  we can help you with that as well.  Usually we can just cover the abraded area with tooth colored composite.